Audio & Video

The installation & specification of Audio & Video entertainment around the house is extremely personal. At Interactive Homes we ensure these systems look good even when not being used.

Home Automation

The automation part of a home is the glue that ties systems together. It can be a complex aspect, but done correctly truly enhances how the systems work together. For example a cooling system working with curtains.

Lighting Control

Lighting is fast becoming a key offering within all our projects. This is not just related to the location and types of fittings but also how they are controlled, to create those dynamic effects.

Home Cinema

Cinemas play an important part in a modern home, not as just a place to watch movies on a large screen, but as a place to be transformed and immersed into a new dimension.


Interactive Homes take security extremely seriously. It is not only the security of the buildings, but also the security of the network and computers within the building.

WiFi & Home Networking

The home networking infrastructure of a house is one of the most used parts of a system, but often the most under designed. Modern houses typically work against wifi to give an underwhelming service.

Curtains & Blinds

The ability to control curtains and blinds electronically is not only about convenience - they can be programmed to activate at the changing sunset and sunrise times, offering an additional security factor. Also tied into cooling systems to ensure rooms do not overheat.

Systems Design

The quality of the design aspect of our projects is of paramount importance to us and we pride ourselves in forward thinking and a true understanding of technology and how it is evolving.

APPRAISAL & Sign off

We also offer a service whereby we check / snag others installations ensuring your project has been fitted satisfactory and all the paperwork and software is available for you to maintain the system.